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So I called Saddlemen to talk with them about their Road Sofa seat.Basically it was on backorder so we wanted to make sure of when it would come in.

We also asked if it would fit on an Ultra with heat shields. Jerry, was the rep that was spoken with, and changed the whole conversation to telling me that I should not get that seat and telling me his preference was the explorer. He was adamant on talking me out of the Road sofa and into this explorer, so I asked questions about fitting with heat shields, size of the P-pad and and that. I was told the P-pad would come to the speakers, and that yes it would fit with heat shields, so I ordered it.

BIG MISTAKE. ugliest seat fit I have ever seen. Sat almost an inch off the back fender, P-pad did NOT make it to the speakers 9even cut off circulation of my wife's legs) and showed all the wiring going to the back of the bike. UGLY and uncomfortable.

So we called to talk about it and exchange it and guess what... No help, no cares, not even getting answers back email or phone...

My dealership being the awesome people they are sucked up the restocking fee and shipping fee, but Saddlemen customer service SUCKS!!!!Talk you into something and then your screwed

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here's another one, order a seat that is supposed to come with a lumbar backrest, they send the seat and the box has 2 different part numbers on it.Pull out the seat and backrest only to find that the backrest is the wrong one, no lumbar, so contact them and they say they have to make one?

So your saying you ship things out incorrectly hoping someone won't notice and when they do your not ready to correct it? Quality control? NOT.. No wonder so many things are being bought from other countries, made here the companies charge more and provide less.

Customer service bad....

Quality control...BAD.....What else will this company fail at??

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